About Borrego

Betsy Borrego is an Actor, Writer and Social Media influencer. Her main focus in life is to bring people together through laughter and love. She is very passionate about this things she does, and won’t quit until everything is perfect.

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Acting is…..

“Discovering a world full of possibilities, emotions, and untold stories”

-Betsy Borrego-

. Photos by Devohn Henry.

Life is about being. Being is about living…..


“Writing was something that I pushed away for a very long time. However, some characters can’t be ignored, they come to you and never go away. They enter your mind uninvited, and don’t leave until you tell their story. Those are my favorite kind of Characters. They are the reason I write.

Photos by Devohn Henry.

Getting into acting.

I first started acting when I was 9 years old. I auditioned for my school’s musical and got the lead role (I was the 1st black Annie). The rest is kinda history. Being on stage felt right. I know its weird to say but 7-17 was kinda a dark time for me, and acting was my only escape from reality. Some people turned to drugs and alcohol, I turned to acting. Photos by Devohn Henry.

Day Job….

I tend to make anything and everything my stage. Big crowds call for big personalities so when I’m not on set you can catch me at the Smoothie King Center as one of the in-arena host at the New Orleans Pelicans NBA games. Photos by Devohn Henry.


Social Media

Social Media is beyond powerful!! Which is why I try to focus on using my platform to uplift and inspire. Life is too short for the negative, but negative happen, it’s all about how we handle it and help each other push passed it. follow me on IG @itsbetsy Photos by Devohn Henry